I've heard it said so many times... "I wish I had photos like these Senior pictures but of me, now!" I actually feel the same way myself. Regardless of our season in life, we all deserve and desire beautiful images of ourselves. It's empowering, it's preserving this moment in time, and it's downright necessary. I'm sure we all can think of that timeless portrait of our grandmother, not taken for any special occasion, but just a breathtakingly beautiful portrait of her looking divine. If your only photos of you that are going to last through the generations are from your phone, then this session is for you. If you recently reached a huge personal goal, let's document it and celebrate it. Need new, natural headshots? Have you hit an age milestone? Beat the odds or kicked cancer's ass? Lost those pounds, or learned to embrace them? Then you need this photo session. It's not just a new profile picture, but it's you prioritizing and loving yourself, and gaining confidence and images to be proud of.

Price: $425

  • Styling Consultation (in-person, upon request)

  • 1 hour, 1 location, 2 outfits

  • Price includes studio rental (price deducted for outdoor-only sessions)

  • 12 final downloadable images, selected via online gallery

  • Some black & white duplicates included

  • Custom app for smartphone

  • Print Release

Headshots Only: $100

  • Includes 2 images with black & white duplicates. Additional images available for $25 each.

To book your session, please email leslie@lesliesavage.com

Products available A La Carte

Session price subject to sales tax.

*Images below do not portray professional hair & makeup
*Images below not updated since 2016. New content coming soon.