S E N I O R  M O D E L S

The Leslie Savage Photography Senior Model Experience is the original Senior Model program in the Dayton area, and every year has transitioned to maintain it’s exclusivity and edge on the market.  It’s now more simplified than ever, and it’s goal is to connect with Seniors looking for additional creative experiences with Leslie and other area Seniors. Is it not a referral program, nor does it offer a coveted title or marketing incentives. The heart of LSP is not about popularity or selecting through an application process, but rather is an open opportunity presented to all Seniors who book their Senior session with Leslie. This opportunity is for those clients who love photography, enjoy participating in stylized photoshoots, and who demonstrate a natural ease in front of the camera.

For those girls who want to be a part of a community with other Seniors and desire additional experiences beyond their session, this allows us to forward the mission and message of LSP with a message of love, value, and self-worth. Senior Models will be invited into the program after their scheduled Senior session. For those who feel they meet the criteria and have availability, they will be contacted via Model Calls throughout the school year. Other highlights of the program include full editorial styling, bonus images, and bringing ideas to life. Often times this means partnering with the very best artists and vendors in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. Senior Model involvement will begin during the fall and continue throughout the school year.

Below are a few shots from a Spring 2017 shoot.