Founder, Photographer, & Co-Owner of Shoppe Smitten

Leslie is fueled by her faith, family, and opportunities. She lives with a determination to create and positively influence, and as a result, has built two businesses, both of which add value to others and are award-winning. She’s privileged to have some of the most talented artists and biggest hearts on her team.  In her Senior photography work, her goal is to capture their personalities and spirit in bright, stunning, well-styled portraiture. In her boutique, she continues to help women feel confident, and sells thoughtfully handpicked items that she personally loves and believes in. Leslie is above all else a mother, wife, and opportunity seeker. She spent her twenties traveling the globe, leading teams of students on life-defining trips, and making her reality one of great adventure and intention. Now into her thirties she’s married to her musician/set designing husband, a proud mother to their two boys and beagle, and always chasing new ideas. You could call her a passionate dreamer, motivated doer, yet a relaxed artist. When not with her family or building her businesses, you can find her amongst a community of friends or serving at her church, driving her Jeep with the top off, and probably drinking coffee.